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This site is a collection of Articles, Blog Posts, Photographs, Videos, and Music that define both the Newburgh of yesteryear and how Newburgh and the people of both the City of Newburgh and Town of Newburgh helped to create this unique place we call home.

In exploring the river that came to bear his name, Henry Hudson noted what a great place Newburgh Bay would be to build a town. A century later, the Palatines came here to escape religious persecution and were followed by so many more refugees seeking a better life.  From the Revolution to Industrialization; through wars and economic turmoil, Newburgh has been a place of constant motion and change.  We descend from those brave and curious families. Artists, poets, and musicians came to the area because of its natural beauty.  Inventors and entrepreneurs came because of its energy.  They still do

Through this site, we hope to share some of that history and provide an outlet so that some of these stories, historic photos, documentary films, and the music of the City and Town of Newburgh, can be shared by all. 

Thank you!

George Harvey, Newburgh on the Hudson
George Harvey - "Newburgh on the Hudson". (Photo provided by Joe Santacroce)

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