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A Few Straight Lines – By Ralph Weed

The History of the Newburgh Ferry – By Pauline Ramsdell Odell

History of Orange County, NY (1881) – by Edward M. Ruttenber: 

History of the Town of Newburgh (1859) – By Edward M. Ruttenber:

Historical Sketch of Newburgh (1876) – By Edward M. Ruttenber

History of Orange County, NY (1852) – by Russell Headley: 

An Outline History of Orange County, NY (1847) – by Samuel W. Eager:

Hudson, The: By Wallace Bruce (1894):

Hudson River Valley Heritage: 

Hudson River Valley Heritage Newspapers \ The Newburgh Telegraph: 

Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands (Includes some Genealogical Information): 

Newburgh Historical Society – Historical_Papers No VII_1900:

Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands No 11 1904: 

History of the David Crawford House

Fulton History: 

Fulton History Newspapers:

Newburgh Telegraph \ Courtesy of Hudson Valley Heritage (March 1831 –  October 1841)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Daily News (1857 – 1945):

Google Newspapers  \  Newburgh Daily Telegraph (1863 – 1870)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Morning Telegraph (1874)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Evening Press (1892 – 1898)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Sunday Telegram (1889 – 1897)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Daily Journal (1887 – 1911)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Telegram (1906 – 1913)

Google Newspapers \ The Newburgh News (1910 – 1959):

Google Newspapers \ The Newburgh-Beacon News (*1959-60*):

Google Newspapers \ The Evenings News (1960 – 1980s):

The Ancestor Hunt Blog – Links to Many Newspapers: 

Cohens Theater on Broadway

Cohens Theater on Broadway. Located where the Ritz is now. (Provided by Joe Santacroce)

New York State Digital Archives:

New York Public Library Digital Collections:

Obstructions to the Navigation of Hudson’s River:

Collections of Presidential Papers (Washington, Adams, Jefferson):

The Life and Voyages of Henry Hudson by Ian Chadwick:

Old Houses and Historic Places in the Vicinity of Newburgh (Barclay 1909):

History of the Cochecton Turnpike:

DNA Painter Tools:

Ancestry . com:

German Ancestry Records:

Family Search:

Dutch Genealogy News:

Documentary History of NY v1

Documentary History of NY v2

Documentary History of NY v3

Documentary History of NY v4

Genealogical and family history of southern New York
and the Hudson River Valley – V0l1

Genealogical and family history of southern New York
and the Hudson River Valley – Vol2

Genealogical and family history of southern New York
and the Hudson River Valley – Vol3

Hudson-Fulton Celebration Documents (Over 50):


View from the Belvedere

View from the Belvedere at Washingtons’s Headquarters taken early 1900s before the Hurricane of 1950 damaged the Belvedere. (Photo provided by Joe Santacroce)

The centennial celebration and Washington monument at Newburgh, N.Y:

Reasons for the centennial at Washington’s headquarters, Newburgh, N.Y:

A True History of the Acquisition of Washington’s headquarters: Caldwell

Historical Sketches – Washington Head-Quarters (1872): by John J. Monell

Newburgh Centennial – The Peace Celebration of October 18, 1883

How to Deal with Wet Documents \ From the National Archives: 

American Journeys \ Eyewitness Accounts of Early American Exploration: 

Online Books Page of “Benson John Lossing 1813-1891”:  

Historic Wallkill and Hudson River Valleys (1907): 

A Record of Inscriptions in the Old Town Burying Grown (1898): 

Newburgh’s Industries and Leading Citizens (1891): 

Last Days of Washington’s Army at Newburgh (1883): 

Project Gutenberg – Over 56,000 Free eBooks: 

Balmville from the First Settlement to 1860 by David Barclay: 

Condensed History of the 56th Regiment NY Vol Infantry: 

Ter-centenary of the Hudson and centennial of the steamboat …Wallkill Valley Publishing Association, Walden, N.Y. (1909): 

New York State Digital Archives:

George Harvey, Newburgh on the Hudson
George Harvey – “Newburgh on the Hudson”. (Photo provided by Joe Santacroce)

Area Historical Maps (Album located here)

History of the One Hundred and Twenty Fourth Reg NY State Vol:

The Hudson: By Wallace Bruce (1907)

ForeBears – Orange County and New York Genealogy Records:

19th Century Children and what they Read:

The Works of Samuel G. Goodrich (Peter Parley Childrens Books):

The History of Leptondale: 

Town of Newburgh Cemetery Lists (Fostertown, Gardnertown, Rossville, Lakeside):

Hudson River Valley Review:

Banking in early America. The Mid-Hudson Valley, The Banks of Newburgh: By Lucien Mott:

History of Forest Road (1949): by Kenneth Hasbrouck:

Patton Family Burial Ground (Compiled By Emond Spaeth – 2004):

Newburgh’s 250th Anniversary Celebration  (1959): 

General Guide to Newburgh and Vicinity (1883):

History of and Guide to Newburgh (1883):

The “Old” Gardnertown Cemetery:

Downloadable Versions of Hudson Valley Early Maps