Research Links

History of Orange County, NY (1881) – by Edward M. Ruttenber: 

History of the Town of Newburgh (1859) – By Edward M. Ruttenber:

History of Orange County, NY (1852) – by Russell Headley: 

An Outline History of Orange County, NY (1847) – by Samuel W. Eager: 

Hudson River Valley Heritage: 

Hudson River Valley Heritage Newspapers \ The Newburgh Telegraph: 

Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands (Includes some Genealogical Information): 

Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands No 11 1904: 

Fulton History: 

Fulton History Newspapers: 

Newburgh Telegraph \ Courtesy of Hudson Valley Heritage (March 1831 –  October 1841)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Daily News (1857 – 1945): 

Google Newspapers  \  Newburgh Daily Telegraph (1863 – 1870)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Morning Telegraph (1874)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Evening Press (1892 – 1898)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Sunday Telegram (1889 – 1897)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Daily Journal (1887 – 1911)

Google Newspapers \ Newburgh Telegram (1906 – 1913)


Google Newspapers \ The Newburgh News (1910 – 1959): 

Google Newspapers \ The Newburgh-Beacon News (*1959-60*): 

Google Newspapers \ The Evenings News (1960 – 1980s):

The Ancestor Hunt Blog – Links to Many Newspapers: 

New York State Digital Archives:

New York Public Library Digital Collections:

Obstructions to the Navigation of Hudson’s River:

Collections of Presidential Papers (Washington, Adams, Jefferson):

The Life and Voyages of Henry Hudson by Ian Chadwick:

Old Houses and Historic Places in the Vicinity of Newburgh (Barclay 1909):

History of the Cochecton Turnpike:

DNA Painter Tools:

Ancestry . com:

German Ancestry Records:

Family Search:

Dutch Genealogy News:


The centennial celebration and Washington monument at Newburgh, N.Y:

Reasons for the centennial at Washington’s headquarters, Newburgh, N.Y:

A True History of the Acquisition of Washington’s headquarters: Caldwell

Historical Sketches – Washington Head-Quarters (1872): by John J. Monell

Newburgh Centennial – The Peace Celebration of October 18, 1883

How to Deal with Wet Documents \ From the National Archives: 

American Journeys \ Eyewitness Accounts of Early American Exploration: 

Online Books Page of “Benson John Lossing 1813-1891”:  

Historic Wallkill and Hudson River Valleys (1907): 

A Record of Inscriptions in the Old Town Burying Grown (1898): 

Newburgh’s Industries and Leading Citizens (1891): 

Last Days of Washington’s Army at Newburgh (1883): 

Project Gutenberg – Over 56,000 Free eBooks: 

Balmville from the First Settlement to 1860 by David Barclay: 

Condensed History of the 56th Regiment NY Vol Infantry: 

Newburgh Centennial: The Peace Celebration of October 18, 1883

Ter-centenary of the Hudson and centennial of the steamboat …Wallkill Valley Publishing Association, Walden, N.Y. (1909): 

New York State Digital Archives: 

Newburgh 1878

Area Historical Maps (Album located here)

History of the One Hundred and Twenty Fourth Reg NY State Vol:

The Hudson: By Wallace Bruce (1907)

ForeBears – Orange County and New York Genealogy Records:

19th Century Children and what they Read:

The Works of Samuel G. Goodrich (Peter Parley Childrens Books):

The History of Leptondale: 

Town of Newburgh Cemetery Lists (Fostertown, Gardnertown, Rossville, Lakeside):

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